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Dr. Robert Brooks is a clinical psychologist who has written and lectured extensively about the themes of motivation, self-esteem, resilience, and family relationships. His audiences have included parents, educators, mental health professionals, and business people.

Dr. Goldstein is one of today's leading speakers and authorities on child development and neuropsychology. Over the past twenty-five years Dr. Goldstein has lectured nationally and internationally to tens of thousands of professionals and parents.

PTO? PTA? HSA? PCC? If you're a school parent group leader — no matter the acronym — then this is your site for parent involvement insight, resources and community.

Many links for parents with grade specific advice for school success.

Offers online resources for good parenting.

Provides many links to various education related sites.

A children's site to help youngsters excel in school.

Gives many ideas for learning/enrichment activities for students.

On line reviews of educational software programs.

Offers many resources and advice for parenting children with learning disabilities.

Developed especially for parents of children who have learning problems.

Provides news, practical information, expert advice and resources for parents and teachers.

Popular website that offer homework help.

This site is committed to fostering and respecting each child's inherent right to a healthy, develomentally appropriate childhood.

Online action and information center for adults who care about kids. There are articles affecting children with state-by-state links. Site offers two free e-newsletters.

Website publishes an annual "Dirty Dozen" list of toys it considers highly objectionable, along with a companion list of more appropriate toys.

Site shares a concern with parents who have a concern about how their children's entertainment and toys affect learning and behavior.


A Parent's Prayer

What an awesome job I have
to love, nurture and guide!
Please, Lord, hear my prayer;
throughout the day be at my side.
Let me be the best parent that I can be.
Open their minds and hearts
that they may always see
the best in themselves and others, I pray.
Give me the strength to do
what I should each day.
Keep these precious ones in my charge
always safe from harm and to you, near.
Assist me to teach them right from wrong
without anxiety or fear.
Oh Lord, guide me now to give them
the benefit of the best start.
Help them grow healthy and happy.
Then, I'll know I've done my part.

Mary Ann Smialek




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